Надежность Стабильность Эффективность

В настоящее время АО "Семипалатинский машиностроительный завод" имеет в наличии 3 семикатковых изделия ГТ-ТБУ.

По желанию заказчика возможна дополнительная комплектация.

Оптовым покупателям предоставляется скидка.

Омаров Нурлан СраилевичWe are pleased to welcome you to our company!


Over 45 years there and successfully developing our company. Today the plant - is a stable company of East Kazakhstan region, the products of which has long been known not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the CIS.


Highly qualified staff, modern management techniques, quality assurance, the interests of consumers, the strict fulfillment of contractual obligations, flexible pricing policy, together with the willingness of the customer to find a way out of a difficult situation - all this allows JSC «Semipalatinsk Machine Works" stable foothold in the market engineering.


Before you plant a great challenge to increase production volumes of products, modernization, development of new products that were not previously manufactured in our plant. Our products are a guarantee of reliability and safety.


We invite you to fruitful cooperation.


Sincerely, General Director


JSC «Semipalatinsk machine-building plant"


Nurlan Omarov